Bronica ETR w/ winding problems


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Sep 29, 2011
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Aurora, CO, USA
Recently acquired an ETR (not sure of date, s/n B5111495) that worked great initially. Very impressed with images from my 75mm. Then, in mid-roll, the wind lever just kept winding, never reached a stop as it had previously. I played with it for a long time, removing and replacing the lens and the back, testing with the backing paper from a roll of film.

Finally, for no reason I could spot, it worked properly... for 2 rolls. Then the problem came back. In the interim, I have ordered and received an extra back and the 150mm f3.5 lens. Swapping backs and/or lens does not seem to affect the problem.

So am I holding a defunct body? KEH has them for reasonable prices, but I hate to have to go back to 35mm right in the middle of the fall color season here in Colorado while waiting for delivery.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am capable of minor camera work, up to replacing shutter curtains in my FSU 35mm bodies or doing CLA on similar. Does this sound like something that could be easily fixed if I had the service manual?

When this problem occurred again this a.m., I had just pressed the shutter button. The mirror came up, but shutter did not fire. By manipulating the multi-exposure lever, I did get the mirror back down, but as I wound the crank, the film advanced all the way. However the counter did NOT change from its position (9) as the film advanced.

As I turn the crank now, on each revolution there is a bit of resistance in one spot, then it spins freely until it comes back to that spot. I checked, and at that spot of resistance, the ring on the inside of the lens mount (with the post w/ the green dot) shifts slightly clockwise then drops back to the proper position. The lens pins are fully in the cocked position. BTW, the battery is in correctly, and is brand new. HTH
Thanks in advance.


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