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Jun 13, 2006
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I'm going to be in NYC next week and will have two days to myself to roam the streets. I've always wanted to take the subway over to Brooklyn (I'm staying in downtown Manhattan all week near the WTC) and get a shot of the bridge with Manhattan in the background.

This might be too specific of a question but can anyone give me directions to a good spot to get this type of shot? I think the subway at WTC makes more one more stop before going to Brooklyn so I'm hoping someone can say which train to take, which stop to get off at and which streets to take in order to get close enough for pics. If not, I'll just freestyle it. :D

If you are staying close to WTC, then it's easier just to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge. It's a nice walk, and the view is amazing. It's a short walk.Once across the bridge you'll find several spots that might address your needs to take that wonderful shot.

Good luck!
Alternatively, you can take the A,C to High Street or the 2,3 to Clark Street in Brooklyn and walk back. But it's a short walk either way, so you might have more fun just walking both ways. I don't know of a perfect spot to get this shot (don't spend much time in that neighborhood) -- but I'm sure there is one somewhere in that area once you're across the bridge.
As one who has only once been to NYC as a tourist (in April 2006), all I can recommend is to WALK across Brooklyn Bridge and back, it is THE thing to do for tourists and you have many more different (slowly changing) perspectives that might give you ideas.

Here are two of the views I got from there (though they don't really show they were taken from off Brooklyn Bridge back towards Manhattan, but they were):

These two are the ones I could find already resized to a websize on the DVD, so it was quickest to post these as examples.

(I send the links as not to make a "gallery" out of a Q&A thread).
Yes .. you HAVE to walk across that bridge..

If you want some company, try posting in the meet up forum, there is a lot of New Yorkers in this forum that might be happy to join you.
And make sure if there if there are any police around to let them know your there and what your going to do. They are a little touchy these days about photographing of landmarks since 9/11. Awhile back a couple of guys were detained for photographing that very bridge.
I had thought about the police thing but wasn't sure how big of a deal that would really be. If there's a cop there I'll definitely let them know my intentions before going too nuts but I'd be surprised if I'm the only person there with a camera.

Should be fun though, thanks for the info. Now I'll just cross my fingers and hope it isn't TOO cold. :er:
I lived in Carroll Gardons (aka Cobble Hill) while in college in 1980s. I used to have to walk that damn bridge late at night whenever I ran out of money going clubbing in Manhattan.

YOU walk it, I'M taking a cab.

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