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Dec 14, 2003
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Awhile ago I had posted a few shots of bubbles on the water. I tried to capture the sunrise in, on and around bubbles this time.

The first outing was kinda cold, and the bubbles kept getting frost spots on them, and did not stay up in the air long. These bubbles are about 8" in diameter
I managed to capture the frost spots on the side of this one.


Only post work was a bit of level adjustment.

Another shot of multiple sunrise reflections on the side of a bubble



I switched cameras and went for a simpler Olympus for this shot. My focus was on shooting through the bubbles at the sunrise.


Another with some unco-operative bubbles.


Only post work on these was a slight crop, and brightness/contrast adjustments.
HOLY COW! That first shot is absolutely amazing! I cannot believe you got such a shot from a bubble (note to self, get bubble maker lol) I also really love the last two shots, they are equally amazing. Great job here Chiller!!
Wow!!! Chiller these are awesome! Lovin' the first and forth one, but all are great :thumbsup:
Love love love these, Chiller!!!!!! I like 'em all. How amazing you captured frost on the side of a bubble in the first shot! Shot 4 really rocks too. How creative to shoot the sunrise through a bubble. You da man.
Simply put...your work is amazing! Love the bubbles theme with the sunrise. I would have to say #1 is my favorite...:thumbup:
They all blow me over!

I have never seen an iced-over soap bubble. Didn't know this could happen to them before they burst. But you captured this incredibly beautiful first photo of this series with one, so that one at least must have stayed intact for long enough - iced as it was - so you could take this beautiful photo. It requires a bit of an explanation as to what this beautiful sphere on the side actually IS, but once you know ... you can only stare in awe! Well, this is what happens to me every time I see that photo!

Of the next three to come it is hard to tell which one I find most beautiful, they all show something special, like a multitude of sunrises in one bubble ... but I think that all in all your Photo 3 is my favourite here. Very closely followed by Photo 4 ... or those even share the top rank... I don't know, they are all so beautiful.
great stuff buddy, these rock!..... the first is awesome :headbang:
Wow Chiller ! These are just great man. The last 2 are super shots, awesome focus on the sun.

Killer Chiller !!!!
Really cool idea chiller, Your creativity never fails to amaze me.

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