Build your own easel!!

Discussion in 'The Creative Corner' started by mygrain, Jan 26, 2005.

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    Hey guys I built my own easel several years ago using this guys plans. It works like no other I've ever used. It does however weigh an assload. I decided to not put wheels on mine. There are also some mods that folks have done themselves in the Gallery. AND it does cost under a $100 and took about 6hrs but now that i know what the hell Im doin it would take no time. Next time Im going to make it a bit smaller and with better lumber and incorporate some of the mod ideas for the height adjustment settings (and a few of my own like making the easel able to flip horizontal like a table top so I can add layers of color and not worry about it running down the canvas or gesso'in a large canvas).

    Here is the link...

    Have fun! :mrgreen:


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