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Buildings at beach with the moon out.


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Dec 24, 2005
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Sorry the moon one is soo big
That moon pic is really neat!
Great crisp shots
Beautiful shots, they are so simple but really effective.

Great work :)

Timmy P
number two really cool..

simple picture but impressive very neat..
Sensational pics!:hail:

#2 does it foe me!:thumbup:
Wondering what the discolouration in pic 3 is though. Some kinda "wipe" marks on the lens maybe? Just curious.

When were theses taken? I took a couple pics of the moon on Saturday night (with the Boss' new D50) and found the angle difference interesting....everything looks upside down from Sydney. Is it ok to post a pic and not be hijacking the thread?
I was wondering about that too! once in a rare rare while that will happn to me, I think its my levels adjustment.....

Anyone know better about what it is..............

I took them yesterday between 5-6:30 pm , go ahead and post it I dont mind...........
I think that the third one would look fantastic in black and white and with a little more contrast that you could put in photoshop. I think that the colors are a little too vivid in the first two for me, but that is not to say that there is something wrong with them. Thats just me. Good work.


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