Burning A DVD with High Res Images

Nov 5, 2012
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hey everyone i did a wedding and the client was a dvd with all her images. i was wondering if anyone knows how to burn all the images on a dvd all high res. if someone can help me with their process when a client is requesting a cd/dvd i would highly appreciate it. im using a Imac so i dont know where to start lol im sorry if someone can please direct me in the right direction on how to Burn High Res Images to a dvd.

thank you for you help with my question.
I normally do this using Toast software, a CD/DVD/disc authoring and burning third party software app. But, lacking that, try this:

Put the images into a folder on the desktop. Label the folder something simple, like High Resolution Images. Click and hold on the folder with the mouse, and then a menu will appear. Pull down to "Burn High Resolution Images to disc". Wait a while, the iMac will churn and spin for a few seconds, then it will say "Insert a recordable disc".... and then just do as it says...
thank you so much Derrel i will be doing this when i get one after i export all the images our of photoshop.
The computer doesn't know a hi-res image file from a Word document file. It just knows a file is being copied to the DVD. It will look at the file size, see if the DVD has enough space and copy it.
If you're going to play it in a DVD player instead of in a pc then something different is required.
You should ask your client what they are using for playback?
Hey Dennybeall all my client wants is to view the images on her computer i have to give her about 800 plus images on a dvd i dont know how to fit all those images on one dvd. Is there a special way to fit all those images on a dvd. do i have to export it out of photoshop a certain way please let me know thank you
The number of images is not the issue. The total size of them all together is the key. If they are all in a folder then right click the folder and choose Properties from the drop down menu. That will tell you the number of files and the total size of them. You may have to wait a bit while the system counts them all. You'll need space for the indexes also so the DVD holds 4.7 gigabytes and if your pictures are less than 4gb you should be fine.
You could just separate them into two folders and put one batch on each of two DVD's?
I reread the OP and see you have a mac so perhaps there is some way on that to see the total size. You can batch resize to a jpg file with Lightroom I think.
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On sets that have a LOT of images, and 800+ is a lot of images, I break the DVD down into smaller, more-manageable folders. Opening and or accessing a single large folder with 800 to 1,000 images can bog down a lot of software applications, plus stuff just gets "lost" when it's part of an 800 to 1,000-image collection that is basically, un-sorted. I went and looked...this set last summer was over 1,000 images. In its high-resolution form, I exported the copyrighted images from Lightroom, with the export setting as 3,600 pixels on the long dimension ( 2,400 x 3,600 on my "talls" and 3,600 pixels by 2,400 pixels on my "wides"). The output and sharpening were set to PRINT>Glossy Paper, and SHARPENING>Standard and 360 ppi. I clicked the check box to limit file size to 6.9 megabytes per file. I ended up with four folders, one for each memory card that I shot, and it took two DVD's to hold all of the images.

When there are 200 to 350 images in a folder, set the thumbnail size smallish, like this, but big enough that the images can be "seen a bit".
Bonnie High-Rez dvd segment.jpg

File counts were 340 photos, 326 photos, 382 photos, 102 photos. I also COLOR-code my selected better files.
Bonnie High-Res avg file sizes.jpg
Two things:
a: you should never give a client so many/all the images. You should reduce the set to the best options
b: not knowing how to do something as basic as burning images to a disc says you're not ready to be in "business" yet. Now, I'm guessing you're a teenager from the comments and writing style on your FB page, but still, if you're going to accept money from clients, you should have a modicum of knowledge about what you're doing.
well i know how to burn images to a disc but the problem was getting them hi res but thank you for your comment orljustin

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