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    The bank Vice President called me back yesterday, and again apologized the the situation. He decided that he was going to credit my account $500. for compensation of the time and stress that it caused my business! I really had no idea what he meant by "I'll see what I can do for you," but $500 sounds nice.

    "I'm SHOCKED!!!
    (The situation: in brief)
    In Dec. '06, I opened my small business checking account. By the end of January, I had never received any bank statements, debit card, pretty much NOTHING regaurding my account. So, I went into the bank and sat down with the manager and she supposedly fixed everything. She said that I was signed up for the wrong account, and that it was under my maiden name and that it had my address from 2 years ago as my primary address.
    In February, I still hadn't gotten anything. So, into the bank, exact same situation. Same thing in March, & April. Except that in April, my account became overdrawn. I went into the bank, and they were very rude to me, (apparently I don't know how to manage money) and it turns out that 2 different people were automatically drafting money from account each month. -They supposedly fixed the problem.
    In May, I got my debit card in the mail. WITH MY MAIDEN NAME ON IT !
    After going into the bank again, and not getting the help I needed, I called the customer service 1-800 #. I got the correct card 2 days later.

    ANYWAY... On Thursday, I got a customer service survey in the mail. I was so excited to let my voice be heard. I noticed in the intro letter, it had the Vice President's email & phone #. So, I wrote up a letter explain each visit, and the results (or lack of). Friday morning, the Vice President of the bank CALLED me ! He said that he was sorry that the whole insident occured, and his people were checking into it to make sure that it wouldn't happen again. He also said that he is looking into see what he can do for me. (I have know idea what the means) but he is supposed to call me back this week!
    Its so nice to be recognized, and for someone to act like they finally care! "


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