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Mar 20, 2008
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I decided the mininalist didn't suit this time around.

I was going to have do them, but when I add the image to the read it's larger than the card even though the rear image is the exact same size as the front. I have to find a company to print them now.

Meh...just noticed I have to fix the type on the rear and work with the letter colors. That's an easy fix though.

Any whosizzle, front:

Are you looking for C&C? If so, I have to say I don't really like it. The text on the front is a little hard to read and all the photos on the back distract the eye away from the text.
It also doesn't say Village Idiot anywhere on it....
no images on the back also means room to write something
good call on dropping the images on the back....

and a finicky detail from a daytime graphic designer...keep in mind that the cards will be cut from a larger sheet, and the text placement on the back is way too close to the trim edge. different vendors will offer different safe zones (some as close as 1/16"), but as a standard i try to keep all my text inside 1/4" from the edge.
i'd drop the images altogether and just have logo, name, contact details etc
when it comes to biz cards, sometimes simple has the most impact.
In fact I just made myself some cards a few days ago.
The text is very difficult to read, especially at size.
They look more like promo flyers not business cards. A business card should just be simple. Name, site, contact info.
They look more like promo flyers not business cards. A business card should just be simple. Name, site, contact info.

I respectfully disagree.

I would put all that "normal info" on the front. On the back I'd put a coupon--something like "This card is good for 20% off your next portrait," etc. This gets customers through your doors at minimal cost... and once they're there, you can sell them the expensive stuff.
Jim, great idea. That's what I do for my postcards to brides. i have 20% off with this postcard, written on the back. for biz cards, mine are plain. i do like the idea of the photos on the back if you want to show what you do. from the looks of your cards, i would think you do sexy shots or maybe band shots or artistic personal shots. maybe not weddings or corporate stuff. the photos on the back could limit you if you use them.

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