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Dec 30, 2008
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I am currently in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.
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So, I am tring to get a business started. I have learned a great deal from everyone here on the forum, but I can no longer find the post for Show me your business card. So here are my ideas...
More of a formal business card, usual weddings and ceremonies and what not.

This is what I would like to do for extreme type of photography, rock climbing, x-games type shoots and what ever else comes out of it.


The reason I have my flickr page on there is because I don't have a copy of CS3 that I use at work. Please any C&C and tips is greatly appriciated.
I assume from your comment that you'll be changing the Flickr URL to your own website? Other than that, the one huge omission is an e-mail address. Aside from that, I'm not fond of the shadowed font in #1; it gives me the impression of being slightly out of focus. I was going to question your sanity vis-a-vis #2, but your explanation makes perfect sense, and while it's definitely NOT my taste, I think it works well.
Thanks for the comment Tirediron, should i go ahead and put extreme photo on #2 then to claify? and i will take out the shadow to see how it looks. if nothing else, i'll change the font.
I agree with Tirediron, I hope you will be using an actual web site, not just Flickr and you should have an E-mail address on there. I also agree that the drop shadow is hurting the visibility of the text. Also, you may or may not want to include a short list of services you 'Weddings & Ceremonies' etc.
I do plan on getting somthing other than flickr, I'm just getting everything in line before i move foward. Ok, i will add the list on there for clarification.
Please don't use that font... next to comic sans, I think papyrus (and fonts that look like it) is one of the most unpopular fonts that just screams "novice designer"

from wiki
"According to the January 2009 edition of HOW magazine, the Papyrus typeface is the clearest indication that a particular design was done by an amateur, or before 1990. Among serious graphic designers and design critics, the typeface has become an industry-wide inside joke because of its prolific use by desktop publishers and non-professionals."
ahh, lol, thank you for the info. i will see what else works. As far as everything else goes, good, bad, indiferent?



And am I missing anything in the middle, i dont think i should add anything because of clutter, but i hate dead space at the same time.
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I know people are going to get upset with this.... but,

Photographers get upset when people think they can do what a photographer does, yet here's a photographer attempting to do something other than photograph. I know, I know people can be "good" at more thing than one, but in most cases, including this one. One should stick to what they are best at.

These designs just scream out "non-designer layout". Fonts, type sizes, colors, alignment. It just doesn't work.

I would suggest that you maybe contact a local designer, you may even know some that you've worked with, and ask if they would be interested in a trade of services. You'll do some shooting for them and they'll design a identity for you.

Your best bet would be to NOT show them what you've done, but show them your photography. They should be able to design an identity that shows your style based on your photography.

Give it a shot and see what a "Designer" comes up with. If you're serious about your photography business, you should take your identity serious.
i've learned to take everything with a grain of salt, i am not butt hurt.

I do understand where you are coming from though, I am not a designer. This is, however, a temporary solution until i can either get the funds to pay someone to design for me. Again, thanks for the advice, i do know quite a few designers that are in my field that can hook me up and i will look to them. In the end, it's all my decision, even if i do commit a career suicide.
I'm not digging the gas mask with a crown. It reminds me more of a tattoo than something that says "photography".

I understand the need for minimalism, but your last example is off. I don't like the dead space in the middle, it doesn't feel balanced IMO. I preferred the overall look of the 2nd example, except for the font choice of course.
Well, to be blunt, I really don't like that business card.

But, what I would suggest (not that I'm a professional designer or anything) would be that if you're going to put the logo on the left, then don't put any words, letters or anything else above or below the logo. I would also change the color of the lettering, maybe to a black.

Also, if you want this to be a business, I might suggest that you try to find an email address that looks like it is more than a personal account.

Another thing you would probably want to do is sort of shrink the fonts. The card looks really cramped even though it has all of that dead space in the middle. Shrinking the fonts should allow you to make the middle of the card more usable.
This is a response I just gave to another photographer about their business card... but it's appropriate in this case:

I personally would not hire a photographer who didn't have an actual photograph on their business card.

A business card is not about showing off your business card-designing abilities. It's about showing off how good of a photographer you are.

In other words, it's a completely wasted opportunity to show off your very best photograph.
It appears Jim's ragging on everyone elses cards, he did on mine too...
Business cards are for contact information, nothing more.

Honestly the card doesn't look that professional to me. The font looks a little novice. I would say use something simple and clean like a basic serif or sans serif. Also the logo really doesn't speak to me. It looks a little tacky. I might consider having a professional one designed or ditching it all together and just using typography.

Also I've noticed that your text is running really close to the edge of the cards in a few places, you need to have some space in case some information gets trimmed off when the cards are cut.

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