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Dec 25, 2005
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Sydney 'strailya

Took this photo a couple of months ago now, I was listening to this busker belt out some mad tunes and the scene reminded me of a photo from a David Bailey book. He had a street scene where an old man looked on at a trumpet player with rapt expression.

I feel that the contrast of the older busker and the young skaters, along with the hip fashions in the background made for an interesting shot.
i like it, but the question on my mind is, did you give him money after taking the pic? haha

great shot anyway
I like it! Since my eye was fixed on the left side of the shot for a little while, when I realized there was more to it to the right, I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was an entirely different picture, and gave me the sense I was looking at a magazine ad. I love that the store - with its display - is behind them. B&W seems to fit this one well.

lil dvl, I gave him money after listening to him play (he was worht it), then asked if he minded me taking a few shots.
Sweet! It's not cluttered even though I spent a long time looking because there were so many interesting things. Nice storytelling!

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