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Sep 7, 2017
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I have a question for the experts. I have been researching Butch Cassidy for quite some time. I have come across the original Fort Worth five photo of the wild bunch. The original copy on his face appears to be a blemish on his cheek. I asked two dermatologists that both said the blemish is basal cell carcinoma. I also have seen this cancer on another suspected Butch Cassidy photo. My question is the original photo is the only photo I see the blemish on. Some have said it is a photo defect. Can I get some opinions. Based on the other photo, I believe it is a blemish. Photos were taken 1900 and 1901
Photo on the right is the suspected blemish. Photo left is comparison with other known Butch photo


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Are you looking at the actual photo in your hand or is this a scan online? Because it looks to me to be a newton ring from the scanner glass.
I was going to say it looks like a water spot around a dust mote on the negative when the print was made.
I only know Butch Cassidy from the movie and in the movie Butch had no carcinomas at all that I could see! Maybe if I watch the movie again and look really closely!!
Not sure if that helps at all?!?! LoL

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