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Aug 9, 2010
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Northern Virginia
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When I bought my Nikon D90 I bought a LowePro 202AW. Carries all I need. Now that my F3/MD4 35-105 zoom has arrived there's not enough room. I'm thinking that when I take the film F3 out, the D90 will most likely stay home. If I need a backup of sorts I'll bring my Coolpix L110. So I'm thinking I'd be better off get a second "film only" bag.

Also I guess I should be hunting around for an SB-16A flash for my new toy?


Tamrac and Lowepro are two pretty decent bags, both of them are completely different styles depending on what you do. I do a lot of outdoors stuff (hiking and dirt bikes) so I needed something that really held on to me and had a lot of padding, but still had fast access when I needed it, so I bought a Lowepro Fastpack. The downside is, it's a pretty large backpack but only about half of it is padded for the Camera equipment itself. If I was doing anywhere where I stayed in one area and didn't need a quick access option, I would have bought a regular backpack and a side bag; I'd have my main camera out and a couple of lenses in the side bag for a fast lens change.

Personally I think Tamracs are a little nicer, but Lowepro had a design I really liked. It's all up to you and what you'll be doing with your setup.

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