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    There are literally hundreds and hundreds of places to sell your photographs.
    • Magazines
    • Book Publishers
    • Stock Agencies
    • Consumer Publications
    • Newspapers & Newsletters
    • Greeting Cards
    • Posters
    • Galleries
    • Workshps
    • Photo Tours
    • Photo Representatives
    • Canada
    • International
    Of course it may take a little work on your part to find them and discover what type of images they want and the proper procedures for submitting your work.

    Every year for the last 32 years a paperback book called "Photographers Market" has been published.

    This book not only lists more than 1000 places that need to buy photographs, it also tells you how to start selling your images to them. It has sample property and model release forms, release legal info, information on how to manage some business aspects like taxes, self promotion, web sites, portfolio presentation, organizing and labeling your images, copyright notices and more.

    A wonderful resource at $30. Actually has them for [ame=""]$20[/ame].

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    ty for posting. Im am going to do a little research and then probably grab this book.

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