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Jan 7, 2005
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Kankakee, IL
My city saw fit to have a company sell and hang banners in the downtown area where my studio is located. Wanting to preserve/develop my image as part of the community, I purchased one. They're not cheap. Now that I've spent the $ and the banners are hanging, I begining to wonder if it was worth it. I need affirmation.


I don't know about other people, but I do notice these sorts of things and see who's "sponsoring" them. I think it's good in a civic pride sort of way.
I think it's pretty're own flag. Not everyone can say they have their own flag.

Michael...........still looking for a country to conquer before I call it mine and stick a my own flag in it
Do market analysis. When a client comes in give him a questionnaire which asks how they found out about your business.

We can't tell you if it's effective or not. You need to do some math and calculate what it costs you to get the customer in. :)
I also think it's a show of support for your community and shouldn't hurt your business either. Plus it looks really cool. :D
I would defintely count this as a worthwhile purchase, primarly because it advertises your business as well as shows that you demonstrate in interest in your community. Nice design of your business name by the way very classic and catchy .
I think it was a great idea! Do you have any little league or t-ball teams in your area? That's one thing I've thought about sponsoring. You get your name on the front of a shirt and a ton of parents seeing it several times a week :mrgreen:
Niiiiice! :thumbsup:
This is great... :) What a nice way for every one to see YOUR studio ...
The "Photography" is a little small...but I think you mentioned that you have a good store frontage most people will see the "Christie" and know what the sign is about.

It's not the most attractive or attention grabbing sign I've ever seen...but I agree that it's pretty cool and does show your civic pride.
I thought I seen that on my way into town the other day Pete. Thats cool.
As has been mentioned...I think it's a great way to show your community pride. That's one thing my step-dad is pretty good with with his construction business here in town...he always donates to community fundraiser auctions, donates labor and sometimes materials to help out with things in the community...things like that. I think it's really helped the business. It puts the name out there, and associates it with positive things. :)

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