Buying a D7000 Lens


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Jun 24, 2013
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I admit I'm a complete camera novice so please take it easy on me. I live in the UK and Would like to buy a D7000 camera lens for my best friend. The only thing I know is that my friend has two lens- a landscape and a portrait lens. The focal length of one lens is 35mm. Since he has two lenses I don't know what the other lens is.

My budget is up to £500.

Here are some pics he snapped from his D7000

Flickr: ussi432's Photostream

This will give some idea on what lens he uses. I can add more pictures if that will be of any help.

so please help me. I need to get it by the first week of July!

Can you please suggest what lens I should get. I understand buying a lens is a very personal choice but I'd like to get one lens that and he can exchange to another lens if he doesn't like it.

about my friend: likes snapping wildlife and nature and is into hiking, diving and adventure

Thanks a lot!

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