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May 2, 2013
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Is there a site where you can buy outright full copyrights to photographs? I mean, once someone forks over the cash for you photo, they have full control of it's uses. Including unlimited commercial use etc.
I'm sure there are. I have sold the outright copyright on some of my images, it's just a piece of paper that says "there ya go" and my signature. These days I work out two way use on images I shoot, I own the rights to the images, but my client also has the full rights to use them. If I have the image of an athlete that someone wants to use commercially, I go through my client, who contacts the athlete so that there are no conflicts with anyone. Depending on the usage I will give the athlete a % of the final fee.
Why do you think you would want to buy someone else's copyright?
They are not inexpensive.

Most commercial uses are pretty limited in scope. Copyrights cost a lot more than use licenses.
Buying the copyright (transfer of copyright) instead of a use license customized for the intended commercial use, is usually a huge waste of $$$$$s.

What is a license? | American Society of Media Photographers
Licensing Guide | American Society of Media Photographers

Transfers of Copyright — If you sign a transfer of copyright, you relinquish all your rights to the specific photographs designated in the agreement. Then, without the new owner’s permission, you cannot display or use the photographs in any way.
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Why do you think you would want to buy someone else's copyright?
They are not inexpensive.

Be quiet. We should encourage people to spend money on photography, not discourage them.

If you disagree, I have a phone number and email address you can send your clients to :D
As both a producer and a user, I find that it is sometimes useful to buy the rights or a full use license to photos. If I need an historical photo for example of an antique item or a shot of a dead celebrity then buying one is the solution.

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