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May 22, 2003
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Hi all, just wondering if anyone has had any problems with buying camera equipment off e-bay? I made my first purchase recently, just a polarising filter, and it arrived today. It's brand new, but has some wierd mottled/streaky marks around the glass - don't know what it is or if the marks can be removed. Any ideas?
that all depends nikki. i get some of my stuff from ebay, but i only bid or buy from vendors and merchants who have a very high rating from others. as far as the filter...try to clean it with an appropriate filter/lens cleaner and if it doesnt come clean...raise hell :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Nikki.....I made one purchase from ebay and it just happens that it was one of the best deals I ever made. A camera and lens rated "Ex". I got it in three days, in the boxes in their plastic wrappers and both user manuals. I thought it was new, but there were skin oil smears on the thumb rest was the only giveaway. I researched the seller, and he had no negative feedback. Be careful. I'm sure that there are many transactions that are just the opposite. It had a "buy now" option and I bought it for $165. Minolta x370s and 50mm 1.7 lens. The cheapest on the web new is about $220 (imported).
I agree that Ebay is sort of "hit and miss". I have seen plenty of great deals come off of there, and most were exactly what they claimed to be with great quality. But, I've also heard of a lot of people that weren't happy with what they received.

I think I've been lucky so far. Go by the ratings as much as you can, and maybe try to confirm with the seller that they will "guarantee" what they are selling.
I was just watching one of those Dateline shows and they were talking about ebay. Ebay is doing more business than companies like Sears and even Amazon. They are even gaining on walmart.

They said that that 30 out of a billion auctions are fraud. Just be smart and read the feedback and ask questions. Make sure you understand everything in the ad so you don't get burned.
Thanks for the responses guys. I tried cleaning it with some proper cleaner and the marks haven't come off it, so I've emailed the seller. He had almost 300 reviews and all but one were positive, and the negative one he got because he gave a non-paying customer negative feedback first. He seems to sell quite a few filters - he had several of the one's I bought, so hopefully he'll be good about it and at least replace it with a better one.
i just bought a holga camera from a guy in the states off ebay and it was very speedy and nothing went wrong at all.
i was nervous myself as it was the 1st thing id bought.
i have a friend who buys thousands of dollars worth of stuff all the time and he never seems to have probs.

good luck nikki!
I've had good experience with several sellers on ebay, but the best--by far--has been 47.stphoto. They are a retailer with real customer service people who answer the phone and know what they're doing. I've been nothing but pleased with them.

Thanks again guys, I did a bit more reading about problems with filters and I think what happened was that it had 'delaminated'. The seller was good about it and gave me a refund immediately. Once bitten twice shy though... I think I'll stick to buying from local dealers for a while, at least until I know more about what to look for and what to avoid, and that way I can see what I'm buying before I pay for it :)
Nikki, just buy Hoya filters and you won't ever have that problem. Hoyas are made with colored glass, not plastic laminated between layers of glass.


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