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May 12, 2006
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It is 1243x1425 pixels in size, and only little "information" - so Photobucket doesn't shrink it (lucky you), but a webfriendly 600xsomething (at the most an 800x something in pixels) would help this one a lot for viewing (and getting comments!)
For it is a nice capture - I particularly like the bee's pollen-laden legs!
Sometimes they get so heavy, they have a hard time getting back into their hives! I have a photo of a bee somewhere that tries and tries to climb the edge of the board on which its hive is standing and only succeeded after I had taken a good many pics. I could share that one within this very thread, if you like, just as a means of communication - not to hijack your thread. What do you say, oh-real-slim-one! ?

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