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Discussion in 'Film Discussion and Q & A' started by NoChance, Nov 5, 2006.

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    It seems i have a vignette kind of effect, but I don't know why? Any idea?


    its around the edges. I did 13 height, 100 magenta, 14 seconds, 4 clicker.

    Anyone have any idea. Also while you are at it, do you like it?

    I know it is crooked....

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    Tough call. I can't tell how much of what is due to the negative and how much is due to the enlarger [or even if it's an effect of the lighting of the scene itself.]

    If you wish to check the enlarger for vignetting, you can set it up with the negative, but then do the following:

    1. Without changing height or focus, remove the carrier, take out the negative and replace the carrier. Do not change filtration.

    2. Either stop down the lens by about two stops more or cut the exposure to 1/4 [eg, if 16 seconds, cut it to 16/4 = 4 seconds.] Now expose and develop a sheet of paper.

    This should give you a uniformly gray print. Any vignetting should be clearly visible. If there is none, the problem, if there is one, lies with the camera.

    As an aside: if you wish to make converging lines become parallel, you can do it by propping up one edge of the easel -- the edge where they are the widest. Re-focus on the center of the easel. Then stop down the lens all the way [gets maximum DOF] and compensate by lengthening the exposure. This will work in mild cases. It will not work in severe cases because the DOF will not be great enough to compensate for the tilt of the easel.

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