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C & C appreciated


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Feb 2, 2012
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Mississippi Gulf Coast
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Took this from a tree in my yard. I chose to make it b&w instead of color because I felt the b&w made it look more elegant, maybe? Any help is appreciated.
1/125, F 6.3, ISO 1600

I like the creative style, but the image is badly out of focus, at least to my eyes.

That may have been your goal, but combined with what looks like camera shake, I'm not a fan of the final product. Keep shooting though!
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It's very under exposed, and the primary image element is out-of-focus (OOF).

The EXIF data shows the shutter speed was 1/125, fast enough at 55 mm for the focal length to control camera shake if decent camera holding technique was used, but the ISO was 1600.
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Thanks so much! I actually adjusted the blacks in it. I know it may be strange but I love to pull that out in a lot of my photos. I guess I do it too much. :meh:
As for the focus..... so it does look OOF? Sometimes I look at a photo and I can't tell. This was one of them. I should have my eyes checked.
Thank you both again!
Your composition is good. I see what you were trying to do, and I like the idea. As previously mentioned, the focus is very soft, and the exposure is off by at least a full stop. I'd like to see more.
Your conversion is good overall. You should have blackest black and whitest white as well as everything in between. You've gotten it pretty well.
The rose itself is a bit dark-whether it was the exposure or the conversion I am not sure. Many times a conversion of a well exposed image will still need a boost in brightness. There seems to be a bit of motion blur around the leaves which I find I kind of like-it gives almost a tilt shift kind of feeling to the image. The main flower itself does seem very soft or out of focus. Could be a lack of contrast in the rose? But I am guessing that it's a slow shutter speed causing it to actually be OOF

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