Calibrating a monitor and printer


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Feb 15, 2006
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What is the best way to calibrate a monitor so the image on my screen matches the image I print. I have an Epson R1800 printer if that matters. I have been reading about colorspaces and it all seems somwhat confusing. I know what a colorspace is but I do not know to what extent they affect the printouts. I shoot with a Nikon and the recorded colorspace is a Nikwinmontor or something like that. In PS I have the colorspace set to Adobe RGB 1998, should I be converting my photos to Adobe RGB or should i use the embedded profile, or should I use sRGB profile. Any advice on this topic would be great.
The best way to do it, is to start with a monitor calibrator (actual piece of hardware). This way, you know your monitor is calibrated correctly...then you can worry about the rest of it.

As for the rest of it....hopefully, someone else will answer that...because I'm kind of hazy on the subject.
Hi i tried this the other day ,,switched all my colour and print and screen profiles to adobeRGB ,,well i say printer but not for the printer i just made sure my printer was set to PRINT IMAGE MATCHING most come with this option theses days ,,,,the screen profile i took from the profile adobe cs2 uses or you can take it from some third party location like i took mine from inside my cannon folder for the software that came with my 350d and i also set photoshop to run using adobeRGB and set the canon 350d to adobeRGB ,,,then what i see on camera is what i see on screen and my prints match the colours taken and displayed,,,hope this helps ,,,there is a lot of talk about colour profiles but to be honest i think most settle with what there happy with on print and screen ....:wink:

p.s One thing i did notice and worked ok for me was bridge your camera and print str8 to the printer but make sure PRINT IMAGE MATCHING is on ,,it just takes some of your problems out of the way and you know atleast you will get a close print match..
and if editing just dump the image str8 back to card if using digi as the image will still carry the colour profile ,then bridge the camera..

hope this help ,,,,i might be talk out the bottom of me camera bag so dont Quote me its just whats worked for me..

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