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Oct 8, 2010
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I am an aspiring photographer. My boyfriend bought me a Fujifilm S1800. This is first digital I normally use Pentex K1000. He didn't know what to get but its the thought that counts? Well I am new and these our photo from today, since i got the camera today. Tell me what you think?

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Welcome to the forum, and the world of photography.
My first suggestion is, if you are not used to getting critiqued (or bashed, sometimes :fangs:) grow a thick skin and don't take it personally even if you disagree. Most :)fangs:) people just want to help you realize how you can get better or what you can improve on, so don't take anyone's comments as a straight up insult when they give their opinion on your photos.

And we start!
Either flowers bombard you or you want to be a flower photographer? You don't (always) want to center your subject (this case, being flower(s) ) directly in the middle of the frame, you're still a beginner and I suggest you to read some basic photography books that cover the rule of thirds, elements, etc.

Experiment with angles and composition<- how you frame photos, decide what you want to include, you want to look for things that might be distracting in the photo. Look for shapes and lines, try to make your photos refreshing and new. :) If you're going to take pictures of things that have a million photos on them already, try to photograph it in your own way.

Keep shooting and enjoy your new camera.:camera:
Welcome Alexis, A book that I'm reading has come in very helpful, it's called The Digital Photography Book and it's by Scott Kelby, in there they also have a chapter about how to take good flower shots, it's definitely made me think more now when taking photos. The book isn't just about flowers but all areas of photography. Okay that's enough about the book, as Sbuxo said, ''Keep shooting and enjoy your new camera'' :)
Good start for Day 1, or Week 1 with a new digicam. Keep at it.
Thanks both of you.
N E Williams, I will look for the book and probably order it off amazon. Thanks.

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