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Mar 20, 2006
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My girlfriend is just starting to get into photography and she wants to buy a camera now. We've been looking on ebay for good deals but I really don't know what camera/lenses to look for. She has about $400 for everything right now, would it be possible to find any high quality camera/lense/bag/memory card for that price?

I was thinking of looking for a used digital rebel for her, but even they havent gone down much in price.

Is there any other good places to look for used cameras besides ebay?

Thankyou veryy much,
Kyle H.
sorry, but i think that at this point you are asking for a little too much for too little. for that kind of money she can get a half-way decent used anolog setup (body, lens, and bag, maybe filter or two) at least i did. as far as digital is concerned, at this point its going to be hopes and dreams. i hope that we are on the same page here as far as sticking exclusively with SLR. after all, the concepts and principals she would learn in a begining B&W class would be priceless.
Yeah I figured it would be a long shot, but you never know.

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