Camera grip for 30D or 5D. Any use?


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Apr 10, 2006
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Any use in a camera grip for someone who's not really a pro photographer? What are the benefits of owning a grip?

Does it protect the camera from wear and tear in any way cause your hands aren't on the camera body? What's your opinion on grips..

Just wanting to know if owning a grip for the above camera is dumb unless you're a pro photographer.

The grip extends your battery life, and can make the camera easier to hold when it's essentially on its side. These can be good things.

It also adds bulk and weight, which can be good or bad. Best advise would be go into a store and have a play with one with the grip attached.
Grips are great if you've got big hands and you like a weighty camera. They're particularly useful for longer lenses as it helps the front to back balance of weight. Some also add power allowing for longer battery life.

They don't particularly protect the camera, although if you're going on and off a tripod a lot, it will cover that area. Basically it covers the bottom plate, so it depends on what you're doing.

I like having a battery grip on my camera because it gives me an extra shutter button for when I'm holding the camera vertically (so my right hand can be in a more comfortable position). On digital cameras you also get longer battery life. It's up to you if those things are worth the price.

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