Can anyone help me fix this photo?


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Jun 26, 2003
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Can anyone give me some tips or suggestions on how to fix this photo? I have Adobe PhotoDeluxe 4.0 and Microsoft Picture It.
I really don't want to cut off anymore of the photo, but I can't figure out how to make that area as dark as the rest of the photo. It was at the end of a roll of film. Any suggestions would be great.
Have you tried to scan it onto a computer and fix it with one of the many photo programs out there? I have messing around with photos on my computer and you would be amazed whe you can do to a pic!!
I don't have the actual photo, a relative scanned this pic and sent it to me via email. I have Adobe PhotoDeluxe and can't seem to find a tool that will let me darken that area without making the other part dark as well. I also have Microsoft Picture It, but I am not very familiar with it yet. I suppose I could go to a pro photo lab and they can fix it but it will be $$ pricy I bet! Then again I guess I could crop it. :(
I know in the program that i have I can cut the part I want to work on asto not to tuch the other parts of the pic.
Come on, use your imagination 8)

You should have a selection tool that can select a certain part of the photo to manipulate. If you don't, I would crop the good part of the pic out and save the faded part as a new pic******. Don't save over the original. Now that you have cropped out the good part and left with the bad...fix it then cut and past over the bad part on the original.

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