Can my lens be salvaged?


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Jan 31, 2012
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Sadly my Canon was dropped and I am only able to use the 35-55 range on my 18-55mm lens now. Can my lens be fixed or is it time to purchase a new one? If you believe it can be fixed, I would appreciate any recommendations you may have on where I should take it for repairs.

Thank you in advance to all who reply!
It might be fixable, but that sort of repair work isn't cheap, and the lens sort of is.... You're likely to be better off just buying a replacement I think.
Thank you for the advice! Do you have any recommendations on where to buy a new lens?
If you don't have a local camera shop, is great. The question becomes though... do you want the same one again?
If you can afford it the canon 24-105 is a great walk around everyday lens. I bought it a few months ago to replace my kit lens
Thank you for the recommendations! I am a rookie when it comes to DSLR cameras so I greatly appreciate all of your suggestions. I primarily use my camera to take everyday photos of my family. I am what they call a mamarazzi. :) .. Unfortunately at this time, I only have a small budget for a new lens. I would love to hear if you have any other affordable suggestions as an alternative to the basic 18-55mm I use.
For taking pictures of kids, I like using my Sigma 18-200mm lens. It's not something I'd use on professional work but it great for following My kids around. It's two or three times more expensive then the kit lens but well worth the price.
Yea i would recommend, since you're on budget, an 18-200 or an 18-135 lens either by canon or sigma... Canon lenses have a much better build quality though :) whatever you do, don't waste 100 bucks on a new 18-55. save up and get a better one :)

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