Canadian Bacon and Pineapple

Whew, I was entranced by your story for the last few minutes! It is very well written and reminds me that I want my loved ones to quit smoking so bad :(
That's quite a rivetting story. It is quite filmic in my opinion. What was the inspiration behind this? As a person who is beginning to write his first film script about these matters, i find it interesting to read a piece concerning similar matters.
Yeah, the short. Abrupt. style of writing is effective. It was good although i think it would have been really cool if it spoke about stuff in a non-direct way.
Thank you for the comments. (I always forget to check for replies in these threads)

I never really write, but one day, I sat down, and I just had the urge. That is what came out, unrevised. As for what inspired it, I guess it would have to be my self disappointment with my addiction to cigarettes.

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