Candids (our family at the zoo)


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Mar 7, 2006
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Ok, I know that there is nothing "techniquly good" about these shots, but I just thought that I would share them anyway. And, until I have a camera other than my dinky little point and shoot...there aren't any really good animal shots. Just oblige me and take a look? Thanks everyone! By the way I guess I should add that the link is for a video at least it will be a little more interesting?! And, yes, there is turn up your speakers...the music goes really well with the photos! :mrgreen:

Just click here:
Some good shots here, and I guess they mean a lot to you and your family. Anyhow, I would prefer the original way to post them.
The last one is, indeed, priceless. :D
And I liked this way of presentation, it is different and funny.
And don't put your light under the bushel: point and shoot or not... some of these are really quite good!
Thank you both very much! I'm glad you liked the slideshow LaFoto...and that you thought the photos were good...I suppose I should give myself more credit sometimes! Thanks again guys!
Shooting more photos and asking more about photo shooting. You will take more wonderful pictures.
Took a while for it to fully download, but defintely worth it :) It looked like everyone had a wonderful time, and yes, don't underestimate yourself, all of those photos are wonderful, whether it is the detail in the animal or showing what a wonderful time your family had. Perhaps nex ttime just post one or two image in the main body so that way people who can't sea the slideshow will be able to see some of your work, but it is very unique, I like it.

(I just reread this and wow did I use the word 'wonderful' alot.)

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