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Sep 4, 2007
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does anyone know what might be wrong with my 35mm canon 1000f.
when the dial is turned to L (lock mode) it doesnt seem to lock, i am still able to fire the shutter, when i shouldnt.

could this just be a fault?

!000f. I had never heard of that model before. After seeing some pictures, it looks like a cross between the original film Rebel and an A2. The later was a very good camera but had a chronic problem....yep, faulty control /command dials. Not sure if it could be a carry over of sorts from that design, but it's quite likely. Sorry I can't be of much more help than that.
I had a 1000fn, almost the same camera, and the problem I had I think is related to yours. The repair shop I go to are full of info, and they told me that all of the 1000 series Eos had problems in later life with the electronic board inside. Apparently, it can manifest itself in all sorts of trouble. My one acted up for a while, the display first, then the command dial (like yours) then the auto focus slowed right down and then it started to drain the battery in a few hours. These things didn't happen all of the time, just sometimes, so you'd almost forget about it and then it would happen again. Once the board is gone, it's cheaper to just get another camera. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news...I was sad to see my one go too!
thanks guys. im contemplating a new camera, just going to run this one until i can decide on what to get as a replacement.

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