Canon 10D - Which flash for auto use?


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Apr 12, 2005
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hi all,

I'm doing some net research, and I just can't seem to find a difinitive answer, so of course, I bow to you all to help me on my quest :) :hail:

I'd like to know which of the speedlites ( or even Metz - seems to get a good rap! ) will work on auto mode on my 10D.

I currently have a 540EZ, it's a great flash, but it doesn't talk to my camera.. I have to manually set the output, and when your trying to get that shot.. You don't want to be fiddiling around with different outputs, along with changing the shutter and/or the aperture..

It's driving me mad!!:banghead:

Please - can someone help me? Even if you have other recommendations..

Much love!:heart:

well, sometimes its really nice and better to be able to fiddle with the different outputs, basicly with the speedlites you're covered in that field, the only thing is what kind of photos you're interested of taking, I have a 420EX and its worked fine with my 500N and my Rebel XT no problems with it what so ever, exept it kills the AA bateries prety easily and have to be ready to change them... other than that its helped me on wedings, portraits, and basicaly everywhere i've needed it. The 420ex is the "middle" level flash, there are lower level and higher, depending on your needs, on nice thing is that if you later buy the 500 series you can control your 420ex as a slave and still have the ettl tralk to the camera for better exposure....
Any of the Canon "EX" flash units will work. The older "EZ" ones, as you know, will not.

You can get an auto thyristor flash...which does not talk to your camera like a Canon EX will...but it has it's own sensor which measures the reflected light. So all you do is set the ISO & F-number on the flash and then match those settings on the camera.

I have been using an auto flash made by Braun, on my 20D with pretty good results.

Vivitar makes some great auto flash units. I think the Vivitar 283 is one of the most popular. I'm not sure if they still make them new...but they can be found used for pretty cheap.

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