Canon 70-300mm IS USM


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Jan 28, 2012
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United Kingdom
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Hello there - I have recently bought the above lens. Tonight I used it for the second time. I was out shooting the night sky at near vertical. Since then I have noticed that when the auto focus rotates anti clockwise (retracts) there is a clicking / grating sound - When it turns the other way (extends) it's almost silent. Apart from this sound the lens works perfectly well with crisp, clear photos - fast focusing etc. - This is a new lens to me - is this a normal operational sound I just haven't noticed before or should I be worried

Many thanks for any advice you can give me

Jon - U.K.
I purchased this lens new last month, and have used it quite a bit. Mine is silent when focusing either way. I would send it back to Canon. Something is not right.

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