Canon A-1 Aperture Problem


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Sep 24, 2010
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Brighton, UK
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I am new here and actually came across the site will trying to google this problem. Someone else seemed to have problems with the aperture settings on their A-1 also, sadly my problem seems slightly different...
When shooting in AP the LED is reading that aperture value is changing but when shooting in manual when using the aperture ring instead of the AT dial the reading on the LED isn't changing at all. I could be wrong but surely if the reading is changing while on AP then the aperture is working correctly on the camera but still it doesn't change with the ring. I have tried a different lens and I'm still having the same problem. If anyone could help me out that would be great.
On the A-1 the aperture indication in the viewfinder doesn't change when you
turn the lens aperture ring in manual mode because in manual mode the
viewfinder only shows what aperture the camera suggests you use.

If you want to go with the camera's suggestion you would then set the
aperture ring on the lens at that suggested setting or, if you prefer, set it
somewhere else.
oh really? thanks very much for that, i had no idea! i don't have to worry about it at all then! i thought it was very strange that the shutter speed was correct and stayed the same. not to worry, thanks again!

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