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    I used a Canon Celluloid SLR for over 15 years, then went to standard digital for another five years.. now I'm finally moving over to Digital SLR with the camera mentioned above. I'm looking for comments on the following;
    • With celluloid film, going to 1000 ASA film meant faster shutter-speeds at the expense of a coarser grain. With the digital SLR, does the CMOS maintain the high resolution at the simulated 1000 ASA setting or does it create a false, coarse grain to simulate celluloid?
    • Can anyone reccomend a good, online dealer to purchase the camera and lenses from, that they've personally done business with?

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    • The equivalent to grain with digital is "noise". It is caused from heat build up at the photo sites on the sensor. The sensor is designed to be as "noise free" as possible at higher ISO speeds, but there will always be more noise at high ISOs than at low ones. In general, high ISO shots from digital are usually cleaner, (often with the help of noise reduction software) than their film counterparts.

    Click the links at the top of the page to either Adorama, or B&H. They are both reputable.

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