Canon Digital Rebel XT?


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Nov 18, 2004
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I took my sisters senior photos with my Kodak DSLR camera and I have been getting alot of compliments on them so I thought I may take up taking senior photos for a hobby and a SMALL on the side business.

I figured it would probably be better to be working with a more advanced SLR camera. For my budget I saw the Canon Digital Rebel XT 8MP and thought it looke decent for what I would be doing.

Any opinions on this camera? Have a suggestion on one that may be a little better? Would this camera work well for something like this? What accessories would be ideal?
What Kodak DSLR did you use? Do you own it? Kodak makes some pretty decent ones, although I doubt you were using the Pro 14N (13.9 mp).

The Rebel XT would work nicely, as would the 20D or 30D. I would go to a camera shop and handle them all, including the Nikon counterparts, (D50, D70, D70s) and decide based on feel. The Canons do pack a few more megapixels, which might be attractive if you are printing 11x14s and 16x20s, but what really will count is your lens.

I would recommend getting a 50mm, either the cheap 1.8, or the better built 1.4, and also getting the 85mm f/1.8. The glass is going to make or break the picture. Don't forget a large memory card, and possibly an extra battery (even consider the battery grip)

It's a lot of expense, and possibly more than you factored in when you looked at the Rebel XT price.
I agree with everything Matt said apart from....
Digital Matt said:
The glass is going to make or break the picture.
If your shots suck with the kit lens then there gonna suck with expensive glass....only you know your budget and your level but, you really need to go and try them first. The 350d is a small dslr and not suited for some but I'm happy with mine and can't justify spending on expensive glass although I'd love too.(contradiction maybe).
Oh and if your thinking of going pro/ really need two of everything. I can't imagine how upset a paying client would be when you tell them that you can't capture that special moment because your one and only camera has gone on the blink!

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