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Nov 11, 2003
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Ahwatukee, AZ
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I just won a bid on eBay for a EOS 2A body with vertical grip. Barely used and a price I am afraid to disclose so you guys and gals will think that I stole it. Which is pretty much the case anyway...

I have no lenses yet but I plan to supplement the camera with a few primes. I'm thinking of the 50/1.4L... Anything else comes to mind? I know there are a few other options such as zoom lenses and such but I'd like to start using one camera alone with prime lenses only.

Ideas welcome! ;)

PS It's not an antique or collector's camera yet, so I don't know much about it except that it's a pretty sturdy camera.
I have never heard of a 2A
if you mean the A2 then be careful with the main command dial, it has a known fault where they always break

If its the A2 then its known as the EOS 5 over here and sells for about £39-£49 because of the known fault
Taht is corretc, I'm dylsexic...:lol:

It is the A2, a.k.a. Eos 5 in Europe. And thanks LP for the warning about the dial, I was aware of the situation. This camera is hardly used and I also know a place which manufactures dials for the EOS that are better than Canon's originals.
The 4 primes that saw the most use by me are:
24mm f1.4L, 50mm f1.4, 85mm f1.8, and the 135mm f2L

You can supplement the 24mm with the 35mm f1.4L (or f2 non-L) BUT I liked the 24mm focal length for street use.

Of course, the L lenses up there are going to cost a bit. I have recommended to many people that crossed my path start out with the 50mm f1.4(or 1.8) and the 85mm f1.8 for general and portrait.

As for zooms.. The zooms that I have owned and enjoy have been

- ol'Tamron 35-135 f2.8 Asperical although this is a difficult lens to find. Relatively inexpensive when you do find it used (was expensive new)... it is a hidden gem.
- Canon 24-105 f4L -
- Canon 100-400mm L -
- Canon 70-200mm f2.8 IS - ONLY if Image quality + zoom is a must - Heavy to carry and wield.
- Canon 28-135mm IS - High bang for buck zoom with Image stabilization. Not as sharp as the "L" but much easier and pleasant to pack. IMO.. it is "sharp enough" for general use.

(people will also rave about the Canon 24-70 f2.8L which is a good lens... but I have never "owned" it.. "borrowed" a several times with good results. Usually at that focal range in low light where the f2.8 shines.. I usually go with the primes)

As you can see, I much prefer primes as only the "L" lenses seem to keep up in terms of image quality.. but at a price. I've sold off or in the process of selling of much of my Canon equipment to free up funds and make room.

The A2 and A2e are WONDERFUL cameras and I have traded/sold a few. No-one has ever come back to me with an issue. It was also one of the last cameras (along with the Elan II) in the Canon line to include the "red light" focus assist built into the body. Later Canon went cheap and leveraged the blinding white light that was intended for red-eye-control for focus assist... EXTERMELY annoying!!!

btw... My Canon 50mm f1.4 (w/optional hood) is for sale too.
[FONT=&quot]Wow that is almost a modern camera next think you know you’ll be getting DSRL :lmao:
[FONT=&quot]Wow that is almost a modern camera next think you know you’ll be getting DSRL :lmao:


Well... I claim it to be a future collectible.
It arrived today! It's a beauty... I'm in loooove.
my first 35mm was an A2. I loved it till it started going crazy on me :( I haven't used it in a few years but the last few times I used it it would turn off suddenly and wouldn't advance the film on occasion. It was a rock solid camera for a few years at least. I got mine off feebay.
Congrats on the new camera!
Batteries running low maybe? On some 35mm film bodies with auto advanced, you can tell when the battery is starting to run low when the motor starts to sound different. It will start to sound like the motor is struggling to advance the film. Since the motor is probably the highest current sucking thing in the body, if the battery dies it will most likely be during the actual advance of the film.

Mitca... that A2 is very lucky to have you as its new owner...

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