canon eos digital SLR cameras... ebay prices???


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Aug 18, 2003
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Toronto, Canada... EH?
I was just looking through the canon EOS-10D on ebay and saw that the EOS-1Ds price ranges from $2500-$8000.

Wierd thing is some auctions have no bids even at $2500, while other auctions have bidders going upto about $7500 for the same thing.

Am I missing something here?

btw, I've never purchased a camera before and I'm looking for something along the lines of an EOS-10D for the studio I'm about to have.
nevermind... I wasn't paying attention to the difference between 1D and 1Ds.

Either way, I think one of the guys is selling a 1Ds sealed for $2500USD imported from italy. Sounds like an amazing deal and it's probably 'grey market' stuff... is it worth taking the risk?
my hubby would probably say no, but i'll let him answer for himself :)

when we order stuff off ebay, especially for that kind of money, we make sure we look at the seller's rating and feedback percentage ... so be careful with that ... we got a few regular seller's that are good and ship the items fast, but i dunno if their sellling 10D's ... i can take a peek
Sounds to good to be true IMO. B&H list the 1D new at $4000 USD, 1Ds at $8000 new and $6400 used.

Why would any one sale that :camera: at that price?
It a sham or hot :!:
it's mostlikely a grey import... I thought about a new laptop and they have these great deals on ebay... You know what? I'm going to save my money and wait... (think of a warranty issue or whatever)

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