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Jul 14, 2003
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I'm looking to pick up some new lenses for the referenced camera and would love some advice. Right now I have the lens that came with the camera (28-80mm) and I've recently picked up a 1.8/50mm Canon lens for shooting a small clubs (live music).

I'd now like to get something more versatile for shooting in the city (NYC). Since I'm a bit of a novice, I'd love some advice. I'm thinking of going with either a 28-200mm or a 28-300mm. Since I'm on a tight budget I'd like to keep the price under, say, $400.

Any thoughts on a good lens? I basically want a zoom that will be effective while walking around the city -- shots of buildings, people, parks, etc.

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sometimes there is a big difference in 200mm to 300mm pricewise. If your shooting buildings i would get a good or mid line 300mm. whatever you do, dont buy quantarray. not sure if they make lenses for your camera, but just dont.

sorry i couldnt be of any help really...

I’d go and haved gone with ether Sigma or Canon lens. Sigma has a lot of nice lens in this size and dollar range. Canon’s Image Stabilizer lenses get a lot of good review they have a few under $400. But not in the length you asked about more like 75-300mm

Being in New York is a plus. Most of the mail order dealers are there.
Go try out the lens in the stores. Any dealer that will not let you try lens out in the store is a fool

Check out B&H Photo. I have bought a lot of equipment over the net for them without any problem. Or KEH in Atlanta
i would even take a peak at Ebay ... my hubby and i get great camera equipment over there all the time, for at least half the price

we shop at B&H photo sometimes and Alkit (we're New Yorkans :p ) ..... but no place where we have shopped has beat the Ebay price
im not sure what lens u should get (i'll ask my hubby when he gets home) but i do know that 98% of the time, the price is cheaper on Ebay than a store bought ...

for instance, ... the external flash for my camera

store bought - $279

Ebay - $35

lens for my cam ...

store - $179

ebay- $75

we bought memory cards, USB card readers, lighting kits (slave lights, softboxes, etc.) lens ... all at half price or more on ebay ...
i sent my hubby an email about your question ... this is what he said ...


Well, since you already have a 28-80 mm and a very good 50mm, I would “expand” my system. Look for a fast (f2.8...f3.8) 70-210 mm Sigma/Canon/Tamron. Every lens has it’s good and bad sides. Especially the zooms. The “super-range” of a 28-200/300mm doesn’t make it a better lens quality-wise. Keep in mind the longer the zoom, the more you loose light in the lens. For these big focal lenghts you’ll need definitely a tripod. Also read some reviews on
Great. Thanks a lot for the tips. I'd love to get something like your husband suggested but that's probably outta my price range. I think those lenses generally run around $700 - $1500. I'll definitely keep an eye on ebay though.

Thanks again.
brklynside said:
I'd now like to get something more versatile for shooting in the city (NYC).

I basically want a zoom that will be effective while walking around the city -- shots of buildings, people, parks, etc.

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...for this work wider is better

In time, you'll find that 28mm is not enough

I am not familiar with Tamron, nor your camera/lenses available - but seeing you have a tight budget, look at the Sigma range

24-70 or maybe an 18-35

Just remember: the longer your zoom length (such as the 28-200 mentioned) the more elements in the lens ... and a corresponding loss of quality and contrast in your images

Happy shopping!


e_ said:
...for this work wider is better

In time, you'll find that 28mm is not enough

I should really correct myself - or at least qualify those comments:

They were made with my own particular bias as a 'photojournalist //slash// documentary photographer' coming into play

Obviously nothing is "better" - it's a matter of personal choice

Wide(er) angle lenses allow the photographer to place their subject's context into the composition - whether it be time or place - much easier than with a narrow (longer) focal length

Many photojournalists regard 28mm as just a standard lens - but i was wrong to assume your intention was to shoot in that genrè



So if I have aspirations to potentially be a photojournalist, what would you recommend as the next step?

Again, I have the standard 28-80mm that came with the camera and have recently purchased a 50mm (1.8f). I'd really like something that will enable me to have some flexibility in the city. The former lens just doesn't let me get as close as I'd like and the latter I use strictly for shows in clubs.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Hello again, brklynside

...please note i use the Nikon system and are not familiar with your set up and available Canon lenses

However, with cost being one of your considerations, Sigma is a good option


With a view to street shooting (photojournalism?) and expanding your current capability, here's my recommendation:

* 17-35mm f2.8-4 EX

For "getting closer," as you put it:

* 70-300mm f/4-5.6 DL Macro Super

(I won't express an opinion on replacing your existing lens for the middle range)

Using a telephoto (or zoom) does not actually get you "closer," it merely isolates the subject from its context

Here's a tip from the grizzly old pro' press-photographers with regards "getting closer":

...Get as close to the subject as you can - frame & compose - then take another step closer!

A man who taught me the secrets of good photojournalism opined that using telephotos for this work was simply voyeurism

Get down 'n dirty. Take risks. Get in close!

Use wider angles




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