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Oct 26, 2005
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Western N.Y.
Does anyone know if there's much of a difference ( if any ) in sharpness between a 50mm 1.4 and a 1.8 ? TIA
I have read reports that the 1.8 is the better lens. I'll look for them...
I remember seeing some mtfs that say the opposite.

Either one of them should be fine. I have the 1.4 and probably will get the 1.8 too sometime, since they're cheap and much more compact.
From what I have have noticed, they are both inexpensive. I have several Nikon's, but I found this F1 on o-boy and had to give it a shot. It's not like I am jumping ship from Nikon or anything, but if I see a great deal I will go for it. I have noticed that FD lenses go for a song, even in mint condition. So to put together a decent Canon kit with FD primes, I don't see how you could lose. Besides, what's "one" more camera. ;) Heck, maybe in the next couple of of years I might try a digital. Thank's for the input guys.
Just to h-jack my own thread, does ayone know where I can find a website that has manufacturing dates of Canon's based on serial numbers ?
IF you want to shoot digitial sometime in the future I'd invest in nikon glass. FD can't be adapter to any digital mount AFAIK
Thank's DocFrankenstein. The F1 is just going to be a car camera, or just for fun. I can turn around and sell it easy enough also, for a profit. I really, really got a good deal on it. As far as digital in the future goes, yes it would certainly be Nikon. I have an F3, F3hp, F2 and F with an assortment of AI and AIS glass, but also have an F4 with a couple of AF lenses that I don't really use that much. If the shot of a lifetime came up, I would grab the F2, just knowing that I would not have to worry about dead batteries or a full CF card or whatever. If I would have a D1 fall into my lap, I would probably snag it, knowing that I have some glass that would work with it. Even with the F4, I don't use half the auto stuff that it has built in. I guess I am living in the dark ages ( I'm pushing 50 ), but I still like waiting for film to come back from a lab. Cheers.
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I'm 20 and love film and manual focus gear. Started with digital and them moved onto film. All of my serious shooting is shot with film.

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