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    Firstly, I must stress I'm no expert when it comes to photography. I just enjoy it and love capturing those elusive shots.

    I bought a G5 back in July of this year, just prior to going on honeymoon. Compared to my previous camera - a Kodak CD290 - it had a lot more features, and so it took a short while to get familiar with everything it could do.

    The things I particularly like about it are the good battery life, the swivel display screen (meaning that I can take photographs from more unusual angles than I might with a fixed display) and the ability to add a lens adaptor and get closer in on the action.

    The only gripe which I've noticed so far is that with the additional Canon zoom lens, I lose a significant portion of the view on the corners when I 'pan out'. I had read about this before buying it though so it came as no surprise.

    For me, it gives me a 'point and click' camera but also more advanced features to get 'stuck into' when I have time, which you don't get from the budget range. I picked up the basics of the camera fairly quickly but I am still at the learning stage with many of the features.

    All in all, I'm delighted with the purchase. Within a week of getting it, I was capturing shots like these!



    No masterpieces, I don't suppose, but some OK first efforts perhaps. If you are interested, you will find more shots - and video footage - pretty much all shot with the G5 camera (one or two were with the Kodak DC290 but very few) - on our Africa Honeymoon website.




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