Canon or Nikon?

Keith Gebhardt

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Sep 16, 2007
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My D200 is coming back in and im really not sure if im happy with it. I was taking a look into canons but i am having a hell of a time deciding if its worth switching.

If i get a canon id get the Canon 1d Mark III with out any questions.
If i get a new nikon ill be getting the Nikon D3.

Ive been comparing, contrasting, pro and conning both of them. Researching them on camera reveiw site and i cannot make a decision.

If you were to buy a new DSLR which would you buy?
And why are you buying that one over the other?

I wanna know true reasons and not just "because i like nikon or i like canon".

Another thing i know somones gonna bring up is it depends on how many lenses or accesories ive already blew a **** load of paychecks on. But it doesnt matter. Ill wind up selling it all if i switch to canon.
I like the 1Ds Mark III....but the D3 does have great high ISO performance...

I guess it depends on what you're shooting. In the studio, or for nature photography, or outdoor daytime sports....I'd take the 1D. For night-time or indoor sports...the D3 MAY get the upperhand...

But I dono...I think I'd still like the 1D
I'd personally go for the 1Ds if I was getting a new camera, but that's not gonna happen anytime soon with my cracker jack budget.
But I dono...I think I'd still like the 1D
I'd personally go for the 1Ds if I was getting a new camera, but that's not gonna happen anytime soon with my cracker jack budget.

Ya same here, i plan on saving all my paychecks from my 1 job for about 5 months and i should have enough for either one.

But what camera do you shoot now sideburns? and do you like it? Whats your reason for having the canon over nikon
Why bring up this old sill discussion again. Just buy whatever you like whatever feels good to you. Do you really think other people should tell you how to spend that kind of money. That is a heck of alot of money for you to put the decision on the hands of people you don't even know.
Coke vs Pepsi....Ford vs Chevy vs Dodge...Red vs Blue...

There are some differences between the two brands...but in the big picture (sorry for the pun), the differences don't put one brand significantly above the other.

I think one of the biggest differences will be the way that you interact with the equipment. If one of them feels better in your hands...or even if one brand makes you feel better about your gear...then that is enough to tip the scales.
I would get the 1Ds Mark III or the D3

However, since I like Canon, can handle them better, and got some nice lenses, I would get the 1Ds Mark III.

However, since I cannot afford it, I will not get any of the two anyway ;)
If your not heavily invested in Nikkor lenses then go to a store and see which one you like.

I would lean towards the D3 but they are both excellent cameras.
If I was starting fresh, I think Id go the D3 route, the specs and shot examples are incredibly impressive. Since I am where I am, Id go with a 1DmIII. No point in rebuying all my equipment for a body that will be replaced again in 2 years. If you have decent $$ invested in Nikon gear, go with the D3.
It really depends on the type of photography you do. In a studio or for product work a Canon Mark III is great if you know how to make the most of it. Leica is ideal for nature work and scenics. Nikon with WiFi is great for pro sports photography. The Sony Alpha A700 has some innovative features and lenses..even one for the best bokeh and the Zeiss lenses, as well as being great value in the medium range. Journalistic, public relations, and photography for television and electronic presentations can be done successfully with a variety of cameras.

Just curious, what is your issue with the D200. Several pro wedding photogs around our area are shooting the D200 and love it. In fact, most wedding shooters in the area are shooting these rigs, and most have converted from MF film. Just piqued my interest as to why.
I think that the Japanese are just cracking up at the rest of the world on this subject. If you have invested on nice glasses from Nikon stick to the brand, because it makes perfect financial sense and remember that the world might never know the answer to the mystical question Nikon or Canon?

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