Can't escape a red tint in all prints


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Dec 28, 2014
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I keep my (old) monitor calibrated using Spyder4, am very familiar with using LR and PS, but last winter all prints, and even the pre-print monitor example show have an overall red tint. My old Canon printer was ready to go, so I installed a Canon MG7520 and the red problem is still there. In Photoshop I've tried various printer profiles, also 'printer manages colors' 'PS manages colors', but no help.
I can do anything I want with colors in PS of course, but removing the red tint also takes away some of the quality, especially in skin tone.
Any ideas?

Have you thought about getting someone else to check the colors, either with their equipment or your Spyder4? Perhaps there is a problem with your personal color perceptions?
Takes away skin tone quality in the print, or in Photoshop?

Is the print color being managed by Photoshop or by the printer?

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