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Jun 24, 2007
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It's a good thing I have some practice sessions coming up. I am going a bit crazy :confused: with my kids tossing colds back and forth and no one but them to practice on!

I ordered two custom tutu's from a friend for my daughters Christmas present. I am in love with this pink one!

Tell me if the eyes on this look to sharp please. I have resharpened for web 3 times (whole image), every time the eyes look to sharp for me.


Really cute. :) I don't think the eyes are oversharpened. I didn't think of it at all before I read it. Looks awesome!
I LOVE them! I don't think they eyes are too sharp, they look just fine to me. Love the color of the tutu as well, not TOO pink...just girlie enough!
They're all precious, but the last one is my fave.
Oh you have done an excellent job on these! They look great. :)
I'm partial to the second one...I like the expression (partly smiling) and how the tutu fills most of the frame
These are all great! I'm going to try to make some tutus this weekend. Wish I had such a sweet little model available all of the time. My baby girl is 16 (but she did ask if I could make her a tutu!) She loves looking at all of the adorable baby pics I come across on the forums.
The eyes are not too sharp IMO. Just perfect. You are focusing on the eyes just as you should be doing in portraits.

Very pro quality. Beautifully done! Keep up the great work. :thumbup:

These look awesome; the eyes don't look oversharpened to me. What lighting did you use? Or is it natural? :thumbup:
Second two are natural light, I adjusted the one with curves to go for the bright background. The one with the black backdrop I used the SB600 threw an umbrella + light from a window. The shadow on her shoulder is a bit strong for my taste but I was messing around and I love her expression :)

Thank you for the positive feedback!!
Bella - I am considering having a matching Mommy sized tutu and lil girl sized tutu made to offer to future clients :) I think it would be kind of fun!
Great shots, what lighting set up are you using for such a nice high key look? or do you do a lot in post process?
Just post process. Even though I have tried high key on my white sheet it doesn't always work (cuz I just don't know enough), I always get dark shadows behind the sheet. So I always have to go in and brighten the backdrop with curves, erase back the subject and go from there.

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