Can't live without my equipment!!


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Nov 30, 2007
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It's Christmas and I am looking for a piece of equipment that will be the one thing that I just can't live without! Right now all it is, is my camera.

So to you I ask:

What is the ONE piece of equipment that you just couldn't imagine life without?
(other then the essentials such as a body, lens, cards.. etc...) a tablet for editing.
My Wacom Tablet and Mac setup
A Dyna-Lite kit, not that I can't live without them, I just refuse to do the living without them! If that makes any sense.
My bicycle. I don't have a car and without it I can't get to work to make money to eat, and thus I die :p
My hat and a towel.

I always wear my hat on a shoot and I have a small, white towel tucked in my back pocket. A towel can come in handy for all kinds of thngs.
Another vote for the Wacom. Best $400 I ever spent. I've used it nearly every single day for the past three years. It's fun and practical.
my wacom bamboo tablet and my pc hizzle (hehe)

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