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Aug 5, 2007
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But there's something about this set I did for a friend yesterday that I just don't like. Other than the blown out spots, I can't figure it out.

She - on the other hand - is absolutely in love with them.

What's your take?

This was her idea, she was resting against the tree and thought it'd make for a great shot - it's not my favorite.






6. This was a complete candid, but she's such a fun girl and just ended the shoot by jumping into snow banks and the likes.

Thanks for looking
I really like number 1, I like the composition of the shot and the lighting even though it is slightly harsh. It is the most creative in the series. Number 4 is a very nice shot also, however, it is somewhat generic. I don't like the pose of number 3 but that just me and the technical aspect of the picture is pretty good.
I like #1 but feel the bark is a distraction...
Overall my feeling is I that the model has such beautiful eyes and they don't quite shine in any of the photos

I like #2 but think there isn't enough light on her face..I think a reflector would have worked wonders for you on that shot..but I do like the pose and looks like a catalogue shot.
I really like the composition of the shots. You had a great model and you were pretty lucky with the natural light, sometimes it just isn't on your side !

Colours are brill too. My only critisism is that they feel a little soft to me. If she's in love with the pics, you're done a good job ! :D
I like them all with the exception of 1 and 5. (And then only because of the squished eye.
Nice job!
There's too much tree in the first shot, and she's squinting a tad too much. Otherwise it could have been great. You're aware of the highlight issue.

Number two is your winner, hands down, though I hope whatever's on your computer is much sharper.

Number three doesn't do a lot for me. Too much back showing, and her expression is a little strained, probably from her neck which is a little strained.

Number four could have been a wonderful headshot but she just didn't pull off the soft-smile.

Number five is nice in terms of exposure but her face is too can see it in the squinting and the jaw muscles.

Number six is nice but I believe her face is a little out of focus.
I like them.. Agree with the first lots of tree... Have you tried the Unsharp mask?? I like the soft look, but also want to see her eyes.. I think with the unsharp it will help make her eyes pop
I should add I'm shooting these on my new 55-200mm VR Nikkor lens, and alot of my images from that lens come out quite soft.

I shall try the unsharp mask and see how well it works for me :)

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