Capturing a Sunrise?


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Jan 16, 2012
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Hi All,
I'm looking for some help on how to take nice sunrise pictures. I have a Canon T3, but I have yet to find its sweet spot for taking pics of a sunrise. I've tried several different settings, but they still look 'dull'. Can anyone spare some tips on how to best capture a sunrise?


My latest try - (18-55mm kit lens)

That looks anything but dull to me! What settings did you use? The trees in the background look a tiny bit oof or soft. I think you nailed the exposure on the sky (at least in my noob opinion :) )
If you shoot in RAW you can massage the curves extensively in post. When you see those shots on flickr with amazing contrast and surreal colors and all that, it doesn't happen in camera. Getting a proper exposure is important, and it looks like you did well there, but the curves chosen for the RAW to JPG conversion are quite important in this type of shot.
Tip 1-Get up early
Tip 2-Find "something interesting" to show in the foreground, in silhouette
Tip 3-Use a VR lens or a tripod
Tip 4-Shoot in RAW capture mode, for sure
Tip 5-Find "something interesting" to show in the foreground, in silhouette
Tip 6- Shoot quickly and do not dilly-dally
Thank You! I haven't shot any pictures in RAW mode yet, so I'll definitely have to give that a whirl. The trees in the background are probably a good 1/4 of a mile away, so I'll try to find something a little closer to silhouette against the colors.

Paigew, I forget what setting I took it on. I've been flicking through so many that I would have to go back and check! Nice photos on your flickr account btw! :)

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