Carmilla finds her prince


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May 25, 2003
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Bristol UK
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Just one kiss and he's hers for all eternity :)
Might just be me, but the guy seems a bit cold & stiff. Hardly any personality at all! :lol:

Great shot. Who is this gentleman?

He might look a bit cold and stiff there but that was because she never actually kissed him. She said "I don't know whats been there". Its the 2nd Earl Fife’s gothic-style mausoleum built in 1793 to receive the mortal remains of the Duff dynasty. I assume that it was supposed to be him but I don't have a translation of the inscription. The location is north east Scotland.

Thanks for the compliments
why is it all the stone dudes get all the chicks? michealangelo, that duff earl fife guy? gee whiz.

It could be because they are so solid and reliable. You always know where they are. They never complain. You might call them low maintenance.

With the glass eye you mentioned in another post you should at least be in with half a chance. :wink:
i Find that with the glass eye, chicks usually just want to windex me instead of kiss me. oh well.

:lol: I see what you mean jazze but no! Thats his arm, his hands come together over his stomach. I'll try not to make it obvious when I post a boob :Joker:

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