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Feb 16, 2006
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These carvings date from 1650 and show Sir John Kyrle and his wife. They are on their tomb in the church of St Bartholomew at Much Marcle, Herefordshire. This couple definitely wanted everyone to know that they were people of substance, and for posterity to remember them!


Tony, your link takes me to your yesterday's thoughts on the window blinds... which were an interesting read yet again, too, I should add (and go to the appropriate thread and say so there, too, at last!). But no thoughts on Sir John Kyrle and his wife ...

...who wore precious, precious clothes at the time of their lives, which they are still wearing, only made from nothing less but marble, today. How much money people in those times must have saved for their funeral and "afterlife" only in those days - provided they had the money in the first place. I wonder who in our times would even be ABLE to THINK about having something like this made for their grave and for posterity?
Corinna, my thoughts on this photograph haven't been properly indexed by Google so I was unable to post the direct link. I just posted usual link to my blog.

To find the piece that goes with this photograph go to the link I posted today, select January from the Archive list, and scroll through. You'll find it.

However, don't linger over any of the other January posts because I'm posting one each day until I get up to date!!!

Best wishes, Tony
The detail that went into that work is amazing! Wonder how long it took to finish it.

Nice shot.
Beautiful photo. I can't imagine the time, and energy the craftsman invested in these carvings. The deatils are fantastic. Makes you wonder how long it took to create such a piece of art.
Ae there more Anicole? English churches are full of such carvings. My website about church architecture gives a flavour of the treasures these buildings hold:
That site is WONDERFUL!
I so love English churches!

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