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Dec 14, 2003
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I finally got to Casa Loma to see the set up. Had the special treatment, and went in the employee entrance, and free parking. :lol: ...and the free run of the Castle. I was able to go over the "fence" and grab a few shots. It was pretty tight for shooting, and they changed the lighting, so that there were two over head blue lights, instead of the low lights we wanted to create a better atmosphere. They also said we could not use the fog machine. :dunno:
This is the view the public sees. That is an animatronic Scrooge in the middle there.

A closer view of the "ruins" loaned from our fellow haunter Clay. ]

A look from behind the ruins.

One of Pauls flying crank ghosts. Every minute this guy lights up and floats around in the window. :)

The set up is in an unfinished pool area. When Sir Henry Pallet was building Casa Loma, he never finished this part. Made an awesome backdrop.

In Sir Henry Pallets bedroom Paul was able to hook up an animatronic Scrooge, in the bed. He also hooked up the closet door to swing open and created a sound track to mimic the part in Christmas Carol where Scrooge is first visited by the spirits. When the spirit talks, that light in the back ground is linked to the voice and flashes off and on. Scrooges eyes light up and his head swivels.

Im hoping to get back for more shots soon, as there were a lot of guest wandering around and we did not want to get in the way. I can get in after hours sometime soon.
Also, a local television crew will be there tomorrow. :D
Wow, it sure looks great! You must have been thrilled to see your 'cem' set up in that great location. I especially like the 5th shot.
Thanks Anty and Cameramike.

Hey anty...did you see it on City TV this morning? Very cool. :D:D Live Eye was there.
Great shots, Chiller.

3 and 5 are the bst for me.

(The stones could use some weathering, though;) specially the names)

Thanks man.. We have two parts to the cemetery, the old and new. We mixed them for this gig. Even at our haunt, this year we went with the new cemetery theme, but we can switch, from that old gothic type cemetery to a new look. Also, I had to cover three of my stones with mesh, as it is for the kids and some of the stones had too many skulls on them. :grumpy:
Anty... I was not sure which day it was going to be on, but found out when I was getting ready for work. I only saw a bit with the ghosts, and not sure if they went to the cemetery or not. :grumpy:

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