Cathedral Caverns (7 pics)

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    Ok, first let me say that cave photography is NOT easy! :confused: But I do love caves so here are several I shot yesterday.

    This one is to show some scale. Cathedral Caverns was created by a rushing underground river (that still domes up waist high on some of the walkways occasionally). This particular room from floor to ceiling could hold a 12 story building.

    This is part of what they say is the world's largest "frozen waterfall" formation.

    These are several shots of various columns, stalagmites, and stalagtites. The stalagtites in Cathedral Cavern contain phosphorus and cross sections of them glow after short exposures to light.




    This one is in the "broken wall" room (lots of rubble from a partially collapsed ceiling). If you've seen the Disney Tom sawyer movie with Johnathan Taylor Thomas you've seen parts of this room before.


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