Cell Phone Cameras & Camera Phones to be recommended up to about 300 €?


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Sep 10, 2021
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What Cell Phone Cameras & Camera Phones (what is the difference between them) can be recommended up to about 300 €?
Yes, that is true. But I really need a camera I can carry with me in the pocket.

Isn't there an app with time and aperture automatic / shutter priority (don't know the correct term) and such? Could not find one at least. At the moment I use OpenCamera, HD Camera and the build in app or such. Do not differ that much, I would think.
Cell phone is multifunctional and its very small according to camera size.
I just love the Pixel phone for camera purpose.
Personally I think modern mid range to high end phones are capable of taking some excellent photos, which can be edited with effective and simple apps like Snapseed.
I realize its not fair to compare them to a modern DSLR with interchangeable lenses etc, but for their size and for something that most people carry around with them , they're great ,and I wouldn't be without mine, I've enlarged many of my images and printed them on A4 paper for club competitions, but as with everything, each to his own :smug:.

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